We’re coming – they know.

From Port Norris, Cumberland County – January 1, 2020


Make no mistake…I’m running.

I’m not part of the “me-too-versus-Van Drew” crowd cropping up since his defection, either.

I was already in the race last Spring.

District 2 is vast – the largest in area of New Jersey’s 12 Congressional Districts by a fair margin.  In it are all or part of EIGHT Counties, each with their own idea of what they need in a legislator, and, perhaps as importantly, what they do NOT.

Our nuanced “eight-county” strategy has been developed over nearly two years, building since the incumbent’s 2018 Primary win (by a narrow margin), and implemented quietly since last April, building the necessary grass roots initiative to offer an opportunity for victory. 

Until the present Congressman’s defection, we expected to face him in the June Primary.  Now, he’s not even likely to get the nod for re-election as the Republican nominee, as local Republicans view him with all the disdain of Benedict Arnold. 

It would have made no difference. 

June, November…

Van Drew himself said that his “early research” indicated he would face a devastating loss in a Democratic Primary.  That “early research” was prior to his announced defection, pre-dating even his ill-advised vote with respect to the Articles of Impeachment.

That research was an unpublished poll by a local University, which compared him to his only likely challenger at the time. 

That research was the real reason for his sudden lack of party loyalty.

Who was already in motion to defeat him since last Spring?  Only one Democrat…yours truly.

Back in 2016, I defeated the corrupt machine’s candidate by a margin greater than two-to-one.


Because we count ballots on election day – not endorsements, not dollars…Ballots.

That’s “WHY”.

Incidentally, the other guys spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is a matter of public record…I didn’t just beat their man, I LAPPED him – and I only spent six hundred dollars to do it.

Again, on election day, we count ballots – not endorsements, not dollars…Ballots.

I’ve been here, before.  I know what kind of commitment it takes.

I know how to win THIS primary, and, because we’ve built the right organization for the job, county by county, I will win my party’s nomination again.

This train left the station months ago, and, just like 2016’s primary – the other contenders are just pennies on the railroad track.

Come November the VACANT seat in the Second Congressional District belongs to the voters, not the bosses.

As I said last April, “…if (Jefferson) Van Drew is not going to use the seat to legislate, I should like to borrow it for a time.”

Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress.

Attached – “Letter of Intent” filed last month with State Chair John Currie, and cc’ed to the eight present County Chairpersons.