Letter of Intent

This letter is to serve notice that I will be seeking the nomination of the Democrat voters of New Jersey’s Second Congressional District in the 2020 June Primary.

I now make my home in Cumberland County, and am dissatisfied with our present Congressional representation.

From all our research, going back even to before the 2018 General Election, it was clear that we were being served by a machine puppet, a placeholder who is wasting the opportunity to legislate on behalf of his constituents.

I intend action, rather than complacency.

This decision was made long before the incumbent’s most recent gaffe, and after months of thoughtful deliberation. It would be disingenuous, however, to say that my opponent’s ill-advised position on his Constitutional obligation in the present crisis was not cause for further inspiration.

The results in the 2019 LD1 contest, just concluded, clearly demonstrate that I am far from alone in my dissatisfaction.

I had planned to announce immediately after the 2019 General Election, but the sudden loss of former Representative Bill Hughes necessitated a respectful period of mourning.

That has now passed.

I will be reaching out to you over the next month in effort to offer your local organizations an opportunity to meet with me, in order to answer any relevant and appropriate questions they may have, and to clarify both my legislative intentions and policy positions.

Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress

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